Our client came to us wanting to build a commercial equipped greenhouse on their private property. The challenge was the location of the greenhouse and the access to the site whilst having minimal impact on the environment during the building process.

Instead of casting a concrete slab (as is standard practice), we opted to cast multiple steel posts and span light steel framework between them with a light steel frame roof structure that made allowances to have an accurate centre spacing for the triple walled polycarbonate for both the walls and the roof as well as the wet wall and fan installation within a 10mm tolerance.

The use of these two products combined, enabled us to carry the lightweight structure and all other materials safely across the river running through their property with minimal impact.

Due to the type of plants being cultivated in the facility and their sensitive temperature requirements, we went for a triple walled polycarbonate sheet that not only allowed sufficient natural light but also due to its shading coefficient, provided additional stability to temperature fluctuation. This facilitated a cost saving for not only the initial cooling equipment needed but in turn reduced the running costs to maintain the required temperatures.

Light steel frame is a great alternative building method due to its lightweight composition using sophisticated rolling machinery that can provide accuracy when designing openings and allowing for services as these items can be pre-punched and designed within a 10mm tolerance. This in turn means the labour requirements on site is diminished along with material wastage. In addition to this, the pre-assembled panels and/or trusses can be easily transported to remote areas and assembled using half the labour force. Unlike its competitors, one can safely span 30m without the need for centre supports, giving you maximum usage of the invested area.

Modular systems also means that one can build a 10m x 10m structure as its initial phase and in a year’s time, you can easily extend your building by another 10m, reuse the same gable panels and once complete, will look like it was originally design for the larger footprint.

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