In 2008 I began the process of building working examples of solid polycarbonate clear sheeting in placement of glass for the security industry and more specifically the various correctional facilities across South Africa. This material was vigorously tested in several units on an ongoing basis to see just how long this outlasted glass which was being replaced at an alarming rate and contributed to the growing number of injuries and even fatalities inside the prisons.

After visiting the head of maintenance for the department of correctional services nationally and brainstorming various ways to secure the material into existing frames without compromising on the difficulty of the inmates removing the polycarbonate. We eventually came to a two-part bonding agent that did not react with the steel frames or the polycarbonate on a chemical level supplied by Sikaflex This lead to a national roll out to various prisons to replace the glass windows with 3mm or 5mm Clear Marlon FS dependant on the size of the window. Its unique impact resistance and fire resistance meant that the window outlived its glass counter part by more than three times the period the glass did.

This product has been utilized world wide in the security industry for the likes of riot shields and helmets as well as applications of bullet resistant glazing etc. This is where the idea of see through burglar bars came from and started its development in 2010. They are also used for bus stations, train windows, guard rails and so much more…
• Advanced abrasion resistance
• Enhanced chemical resistance
• Protection against vandalism and graffiti
• Impact resistance 200 times greater than glass
• Half the weight of glass
• High natural light transmission
• Optically clear
• Suitable for cold curving
• Lightweight and easy to handle
• Excellent fire performance
• Limited 10 year warranty
• Thicknesses: 3mm-15mm
• Widths up to 2050mm
• Colours & Tints*: Clear & Specials (Opal, Bronze, Green, Blue, Grey)
• Specials*: Special transparent, translucent and opaque options are available on request